An Noor(アン・ヌール) ☆ムスリムのお子様向けイスラーム絵本・おもちゃのお店☆
Give your children the gift of knowledge.  -the gift that keeps on giving-
ホームチャート類☆Charts礼拝チャート -My Salah Chart(Reusable)

礼拝チャート -My Salah Chart(Reusable)

販売価格: 500円 (税込)

This salah chart is a fabulous way to encourage prayer. It comes with 192 salah and wudu stickers, and allows parents to gradually set targets for children. Use as part of a reward strategy to make salah a habitual activity of a child, especially after the age of seven where the Shari'ah obliges parents to teach, instruct and encourage their children to pray.
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