An Noor(アン・ヌール) ☆ムスリムのお子様向けイスラーム絵本・おもちゃのお店☆
Give your children the gift of knowledge.  -the gift that keeps on giving-
ホームクルアーン学習☆Quranic StudiesAwesome Quran Facts クルアーンのすばらしい事実

Awesome Quran Facts クルアーンのすばらしい事実

販売価格: 1,200円 (税込)

Awesome Quran Facts is a collection of hundreds of incredible, heartwarming and inspiring facts about the people, places, and events mentioned in the Quran.

It is ideal for children who are curious to know the facts behind these magnificent and amazing stories of faith and it brings the message of the Quran alive to readers in an easy and fun way. These interesting facts come with stunning photographs and captivating illustrations.
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