An Noor(アン・ヌール) ☆ムスリムのお子様向けイスラーム絵本・おもちゃのお店☆
Give your children the gift of knowledge.  -the gift that keeps on giving-
ホーム絵本☆Children's BooksA Picnic of Poems ポエムのピクニック(ナシードCDと絵本のセット)

A Picnic of Poems ポエムのピクニック(ナシードCDと絵本のセット)

販売価格: 2,000円 (税込)
Dawud Wharnsbyの歌う楽しいナシードのCDと詩の絵本がセットになっています。

Author: Dawud Wharnsby

A wonderful collection of 30 poems to keep the young and 'young at heart' entertained for hours. These poems cover a number of topics including: Motherhood, Daily Prayers, Baby siblings, Life on a farm, the animal kingdom, Bullying, Ramadan, Mosques, appreciating nature and more. The books comes with an audio CD to sing along to these joyful yet educational poems. This book is a must for every household. a great contribution by Dawud Wharnsby.

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