An Noor(アン・ヌール) ☆ムスリムのお子様向けイスラーム絵本・おもちゃのお店☆
Give your children the gift of knowledge.  -the gift that keeps on giving-
ホームおもちゃ☆Toysアラビア語アルファベット木製ブロック Arabic Wooden Blocks

アラビア語アルファベット木製ブロック Arabic Wooden Blocks

販売価格: 6,500円 (税込)
希望小売価格: 10,000円



Our Arabic language set contains 28 blocks representing each of the letters of the Arabic alphabet and their separate form depending on where they are in the word.
This set also contains 3 complete sets of numerals plus arithmetic operators and
28 animal pictures.

Made from Michigan basswood, brightly colored with child-safe inks, and handcrafted with attention to detail. The blocks are a generous 44mm cubed a perfect size for
small hands!
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