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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on Parenting子育てのQ&A(part2)

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on Parenting子育てのQ&A(part2)

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This book, second in the series of Answers to FAQs on Parenting, provides the reader with answers to the most frequently asked questions on the subject of parenting in North America from an Islamic perspective. The answers cover a variety of topics such as building character and behavior, environment, young children, pre-teens, teenagers, and others.
The answers to the FAQs in this book represent crucial issues of concern occupying the minds of many parents. The methodology used in answering these questions draws heavily on verses of the Qur'an, teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAAW), and events in his Seerah, as well as the authors' wealth of practical experience, gained from their countless parenting counseling sessions over the years, and their knowledge of child psychology.