An Noor(アン・ヌール) ☆ムスリムのお子様向けイスラーム絵本・おもちゃのお店☆
Give your children the gift of knowledge.  -the gift that keeps on giving-
ホーム子育て本☆ParentingParenting Skills 子育て術

Parenting Skills 子育て術

販売価格: 1,300円 (税込)



As a sequel to their best seller, Meeting the Challenges of Parenting in the West, the Beshirs in their latest book Parenting Skills help parents acquire positive parenting skills and provide them with the most effective and efficient parenting methods for their children. They achieve this by giving them strong knowledge of both the objectives of parenting, and its basic principles in accordance with the Qur’an and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad. This book contains a great portion of the material presented by the authors in one of the most successful parenting workshops in the world

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